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Image: Design Thinking Toolkit in action, solving complex problems for diverse clients.
Doodle Space Behind-The-Scenes
Where People Thrive, Banking Evolves: Embracing Human-Centric Culture
Working Together for a Healthy Future
Implementing and Growing a Human-Centric Culture for the Future of Banking
Design Thinking Road to a Merchant’s Heart and Mind
Bringing a notch to a stock experience
Adding Stimulation to a Bank Brand Plan
Finding Moments That Matter
Design Thinking for a Common Humanitarian Purpose
A Timeless Sound
Education Future Reimagined
The Making of a Refreshed Dragon
What’s it like to Innovate
Placing Deep Empathy in the Process of Brand Strategy Design
Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel
The Creation of Life in a Tap
A New Approach to Customer Feedback
The Pursuit of English Learning “Shark Bites”
Adding an Innovation Seed to Future Lab Program
Adding a ‘Secret Ingredient’ to a Renowned Chocolatier
From Insights to Fresh Ideas
Creating a Beach Club Experience for the Right People
When A World Renowned Brand Wishes to Innovate
Taking Customer Experience to New Heights
Sprint-Test a Breakfast Idea
Shaping Vietnam’s Tech Genius
Designing English Learning Digital Experience

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