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The low-cost carrier Scoot Airlines, owned by Singapore Airlines, has made a strong impact on the world of aviation since its debut flight took to the sky in 2012. They came to us with a clear goal. They wanted to empower internal teams to conceptualise their own initiatives that would enhance the airline’s customer experience. With a strong inside knowledge of how airlines operate, and using creative design thinking strategies, Doodle ran a dynamic two-day workshop to create clear ideas of what the future customer experience would look like.

How We Helped

The two-day workshop was facilitated by Chris Elkin, Doodle Design’ founder, and a certified Design Thinking trainer from LUMA Institute. First, Chris wanted to generate a buzz of excitement and get everyone into the right dynamic mindset of a designer that looks to the future. The workshop all shared inspirational stories before drafting their own profile and listing post workshop goals.

Afterwards, Chris invited them to walk in the shoes of their customers so they could all see and understand the main ‘pain points’. A Customer Experience Diagram was drafted so the touchpoints and emotional aspects of each phase of the customer’s journey were clear to all. After identifying and framing issues, the next step was to ask ‘How might we….’ and explore possibilities. This Statement Starter is a question not to be answered but to be re-imagined. With a wide range of ideas flying around the excited workshop, Chris introduced the ‘creative matrix recipe’ to solve problems their customers might face. After many notes, ideas, sketches, debates and passionate discussions, the workshop had created a clear vision of a ‘future customer experience’.

*Note: Due to confidentiality, information has been changed
It was a thrilling experience facilitating this workshop with Scoot! There was great energy in the room but no turbulence! Everyone had a lot of fun coming up with the ideas and by the time we ‘touched down’ we had definitely reach our destination in terms of the results we wanted.
Chris Elkin
Founder, Doodle Design
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