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Through the power of Design,
we help people innovate better
for maximum impact.

A winning strategy. Happy customer moments. Distinctive visual design. New ideas. Brands and businesses want to be desirable and viable, but dynamic customer expectations, the rapid evolution of technology and the market present new challenges.

How might we help?

Through Design Thinking, we re-frame, co-create, and solve problems strategically to help you innovate better.

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Create desirable moments, messagings and visuals through the art of User Empathy, Experience, Brand Design, Prototyping and Testing.


Turn brand and business challenges into disruptive, viable, feasible ideas,
strategies, and transformative


Be better innovators and collaborators at scale, empowered with world-class Human-Centered Design mindsets, methods and toolkits.

The Community’s Design Inspirations
The Community’s Design Inspirations

Collaboration: The problem, The myth, The fact

In today's world, staying connected is easier than ever. However, we are drowning in the endless availability of technology and...
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Design is not just what it looks like..

Today users look at things in all aspects. Today designers make the products that work.
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Junior Designer

While taking on the key to deliver Doodle’s day-to-day design requirements either graphic or digital, the Junior Designer is also...
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Oops, almost forgot to introduce ourselves…

A passionate team of brand, experience and strategic designers.

All great ideas start with a doodle. That’s why we help like-minded clients co-create, ideate and innovate for maximum impact. Read our Doodle’s journey.

Clients & Testimonials
The 3 years strategy vision was made clearer with the power of Design Thinking and Doodle team’s facilitation. Doodle's team challenged and helped us think outside the box and re-look at what we do with different lenses.
Manuela Spiga
Senior Manager, Careers, Alumni & Industry Relations, RMIT Vietnam
As a marketing leader, I can see how the power of Design Thinking by Doodle inspires greater performance and potential in MSB's team. The trainer was good at getting the best out of us, making us excited about our transforming marketing strategy.
Duong Ngoc Dung
Everyone saw the benefits of Design Thinking and wholeheartedly put it to use. The better news is this great collaboration, involving every teammate, helped us create some of the best ideas we have had.
Drew Harkness
GM, Operations, SE Asia.
The Sentry is a result of synergy, deep customer empathy, and strategic thinking. Doodle visual execution is the icing on the cake and really sets us apart from the competition
Greg Ohan
Founder, The Sentry
Design Thinking is an interesting and necessary method to improve our service. I was very impressed with the Doodle team. Our team had a smile on their face. It looked really fun and we achieved the results we wanted.
Hisashi Suyama
General Manager, Suzuki Vietnam
Doodle took us through a journey of strategy, ideation, and creation. We are so proud to show off the newly-born Sonatus, and Orbital brand to the world
Thuy Hoang
Founder, Sonatus/Orbital
We had a lot of thoughts and ideas. Doodle Team crawled into our heads and cleaned them up nicely
Jonah Levey
CEO, Dreamplex
Chris and Doodle team’s Design Thinking approach, and facilitation skills lift up the students’ energy to deliver their best results. Their attention and interest in Fullbright makes us feel confident.
Vincent Pham
Manager of Partnership Development, Fulbright University Vietnam.
We were impressed at Doodle’s creative thought process. We want to do that again on another project. Look forward to working with your team again.
Won Sang (Lenny) Cho
Global Strategic Communication Group, VP, Hyundai Moto Company
Chris and Nhu’s energy, passion and knowledge really excites you and makes you keep ‘innovating’. It’s a world full of Rose and Green post-its for these two.
Chris Vanden Hooven
Country Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
Looking at this brand identity created by the Doodle team is like sipping a glass of fine red wine. It’s so nice.
Francois Magnier
Founding President and Group Director, Archetype
Hundreds of ideas were created in a 2-day Design Thinking workshop. With Chris and Nhu’s facilitation, we clustered them to a powerful few. The team walked away with clarity to innovate better for the changing future.
Christian Leitzinger
COO, Pham Nguyen Food
1On1 English collaborated with Doodle to identify the problems we were solving. By running extensive user research, we have been able to iterate and improve our product and optimize our positioning
Cedric Le Quellec
Founder & CEO, 1On1 English.
This is an outstanding Design-led collaboration producing fantastic results and a fresh new perspective that we will use going forward.
Gricha Safarian
CEO, Puratos Grand Place Vietnam.
We were truly inspired by Doodle and their people who led the customer experience project with passion, courage and creativity.
Ha Vu
Project Lead, Pizza Hut
We truly appreciate Doodle’s hands-on approach to develop a solid, evidence-based brand strategy. The Design Thinking workshopping was helpful to unlock ways to communicate the right messages to our customers.
Vuong Nguyen
Digital Manager, Allianz Vietnam
We had a vision to create a game-changing BNPL platform. Doodle’s ability to marry aesthetic and strategic goals into an identity with a distinctive positioning and compelling story really impressed us.
Nikki Pham
COO, LIT Technology Co.