Experience Design
Co-Create What's Desired
Experience Design
Co-Create What's Desired
Experience Design

Our Experience Design puts end-users at heart to deliver the experience that is transformational and innovative.   By bringing an empathetic, nimble, co-creative and experimental way of designing, we continuously bring multiple possible solutions closer and faster to the target audience and reduce risk of expensive failures and increase the speed of success to market faster.

User Research
Ethnographic, Participatory & Evaluative Research to unveil users’ pain and gains and discover new insights
UX/UI Design
Create empathetic user journey and flow, visual and system designs that look good and work well starting with what users say, think, do, and feel. 
Iterative Prototyping & Testing
Gain feedback rapidly, reduce risk & cost and iterate better through wireframing, low fidelity mock-ups, modeling and sprint-testing of ideas.
Our “Persona-Led Brand Innovation” Approach

Our “So-what” principle in the persona-led design process empowers and unleashes the most significant ‘insight’ to lay a strong baseline for a brand to win. By “looking again’ at the smallest and most important piece of information from both internal and external perspective, we bring the brand its unique positioning, own voice and story that stands out.

Why Doodle’s Approach
  • We don’t stop asking why until the burning insight is discovered
  • We blend a balance between the ‘research” and ‘visual” to make a brand not only look good but stay desirable.
  • We co-create and invite the key stakeholders and customers into the design process to answer the key strategic question “What does a brand stand for”
  • We are one of the first design firms to bring Design Thinking into the brand making process in Vietnam.

Why Design Thinking?

Ready to redefine how you think, communicate and collaborate in service of customers?