Strategic Design
Future Reimagined
Strategic Design
Future Reimagined
Strategic Design

Our Strategic Design helps clients achieve industry-shaping initiatives to bring better value to their customers through a new way of researching, ideating, prototyping, testing and launching to market in an agile and speedy way, starting from the customer’s journey.

Customer Experience Design
Get into customers’ every stage of their physical & digital journey and touch point to convert crucial moments into new opportunities.
Strategy Design
Make a sustainable growth plan and roadmap to stay competitive, distinctive and win the heart and mind of target customers.
Business Design
Re-frame the challenges and reimagine new solutions for an experience, service, product or brand in the most desirable, viable and feasible ways.
Our IMPACT Approach

Doodle Design’s IMPACT approach is inspired by LUMA’s human-centered system and MURAL‘s Collaborative Intelligence Framework to help equip people with mindset, capabilities and go-to resources to be more customer-centric, agile, and aligned. At the heart of it, we help unlock an individual’s genius creativity and capture and measure inputs and feedback efficiently.

Why Doodle’s Approach
  • Curated, trial and tested knowledge and experience gained from practical and real business cases across industry.
  • Delivered by LUMA certified, experienced, business savvy team of instructors and facilitators.
  • “Learning by doing” and highly interactive and stimulating through the world leading Collaborative Intelligence Framework
  • Enhanced with self-learning and interactive pre and post workshopping materials. 100% developed and designed by the Doodle internal team.