Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel





Strategy Design


This South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer wished to find new ways to innovate and change their brand perception in this dynamic and emerging market. With their team’s busy work schedule, it wasn’t easy to find a time to get all of the key players from a range of functions together, but when it finally happened sparks of inspiration were soon flying around the room!

How We Helped

Defining a winning brand promise in this emerging and competitive market is not an easy task, especially when competing head-to-head with dominant big players. To get the right results, we had to get the right people into the mix. Beside the core Hyundai team, some KOLs were invited to add more perspectives and insights.

Doodle’s founder, Chris Elkin, and our innovation team chose specific methods to help identify the brand’s key challenges and ambition: Affinity Clustering, Customer Journey Mapping and Creative Matrix before concluding with the creation of Concept Poster. The team’s deep understanding of the brand and product and their ability to empathise with the customer were huge pluses to the workshop. Everyone also proved to be highly visual! During the intensive two-day workshop many wonderful and thoughtful ideas, questions and imaginative scenarios were exchanged. With our help, we were able to ‘doodle around’ and explore these ideas, create clusters and organise them before finally visualising concept posters that would inspire the way forward.

We were impressed at Doodle’s creative thought process. We want to do that again on another project. Look forward to working with your team again.
Won Sang (Lenny) Cho
Global Strategic Communication Group, VP, Hyundai Moto Company
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