Placing Deep Empathy in the Process of Brand Strategy Design





Strategy Design

The insurance giant from Germany sought distinctive positioning in a budding non-life insurance market. Its strong heritage, global brand power, and digital strategy met a hypothetical challenge in Vietnam: What are the key customer segmentations? What do they want? Where is the market gap? How can we leverage a global voice to local desirability? Thus, Doodle took them on a journey of design, starting from deep empathy.
How We Helped

We used Design Thinking recipes and deep empathy mindset throughout the whole project design phase.

First, we mapped the relationship, roles, pain points, and goals of key people that hold a stake in the success of the project. By engaging key internal stakeholders, we looked again at key insights and collaborated together to ideate and align future concepts and brand strategy to bring forward to targeted customers. The ethnographic research helped us discover new insights and opportunities as the baseline of our design process. The interview outputs were then used to design key personas and “so-what” findings which were the key compass for our co-creation workshop to redesign the future desirable propositioning, story, and customer journey.

Hundreds of pains and gains, ideas and various final prototyping initiatives were made to bring to the customers. Three final brand concept posters were proudly delivered to the testing phase. Using Think-Aloud-Testing, Interviewing, and Contextual Inquiry, we iterated immediately during the testing process, and at the end, we were able to arrive at one of the most unique and desirable brand positioning and messaging.

We truly appreciate Doodle's hands-on approach to develop a solid, evidence-based brand strategy. The Design Thinking workshopping was helpful to unlock ways to communicate the right messages to our customers.
Vuong Nguyen
Digital Manager, Allianz Vietnam
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