Bringing a notch to a stock experience

Ho Chi Minh Securities Corporation (HSC)




UI Design for Money Transfer Journey


HSC, one of the leading securities brokerage and equities firms in Vietnam, aims to improve their user experience and create a synergy across all the trading and service platforms. The renovation of the design has a goal to ultimately create a simple, easy and industry distinctive design. The project outcome also aims at empowering the internal team to use and scale when needs arise.

How We Helped

Inspired by the brand style guide, user flow, existing material design HSC team provides, Doodle team started with some alignment on architecture, colors, icons, typography, spacing. This important step gathered perspective and direction setting from various key stakeholders to lay a start as a baseline for the design phase. Competitive auditing of leading global players was carried out to bring in ‘Rose (What works well). Thorns (What don’t). Buds (What new ideas we can ‘build’ on). Different themes of dark, bright, contrast together with a “mini system of components, icons, pictures, colors” were proposed and iterated to deliver consistency, scalability, and easy-to turn on/off.

"As a Design Thinking evangelist, Chris Elkin & the Doodle Team can indeed "walk the talk". We worked together on several projects and the results were great. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris and the Doodle Team to anyone looking to find solutions to their design Problems
Lê Anh Quân
Chief Communications Officer, Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation
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