Making a Brand Crystal Clear





Prototyping and Testing


O-We is a water brand developed and managed by the NGO 1001fontaines, which strives to train and empower micro-entrepreneurs within rural communities to produce and promote clean, safe drinking water. Doodle Brands was honoured to contribute to this sustainable mission that protects the health of rural populations. Our vision? To make a ‘crystal clear’ identity for O-We that would help make the brand visually recognisable and approachable.

How We Helped

Truly inspired by the brand’s mission and 1001fontaines’ goals, Doodle Brands sat down with the passionate leadership team. We began by ‘looking again’, examining the smallest and most important details related to the concept. Then we sketched out the brand story, listing some of the most compelling ‘reasons-to-believe’ in the project. We followed that up by crafting a carefully considered concept, which could be tested, and then brought to life. In the end, a ‘crystal clear’ water label had been created. What brought it all together? Nailing down the perception of water and getting the visuals just right helped us create an approachable and believable brand identity. perception and the art of making the visual the right balance to be approachable and believable.

The process that Doodle Brands team put together was a great mix of creativity and research insights. The messages and visuals really speak to the end-consumers immediately.
Romain Joly
Managing Director – O-We
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