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Customer Journey Design


Prudential, one of Vietnam’s market leaders, went beyond customers’ feedback and surveys to improve customers’ satisfaction. The insurance brand knows creating moments that matter the most to their customers will help build strong connections and increase happiness for their valuable assets, the customers. Together with Doodle, Prudential Customer Experience Team, Research Team, and various stakeholders, put our minds and heads together to design a new customer experience journey. The project design’s goal was very clear: How might we create stickiness and happy customer moments? The challenge? What are those moments?

How We Helped

Using key Design Thinking recipes, we use “Reflect. Reframe. Reimagine” as the core approach and compass for project cycle. First we engaged different stakeholders to assure goals, roles, and support are all aligned. The ethnographic research approach was designed with key personas in mind. Spending weeks of observing, discovering, and inquiring, we discovered new insights, and opportunities to improve the whole experience. We also identified the most miserable, and magical moments at each touch point. Those findings, insights and discoveries were the key compass for our Co-creation workshop to redesign the future desirable journey. More than 120 pains and gains, 225 ideas and various final prototyping initiatives were made to bring to the customers.

The result? A new perfect experience with new ‘buds’ (initiatives) including improvement of design, materials, process, and guidelines. The difference? Getting everyone on the same page to deliver the ultimate goal: Happy moments, happy customers, better impactful returns.

*Note: Due to confidentiality, information has been changed
It was the full circle of Design Thinking. From Empathizing, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping to Testing. At times, it felt like we didn’t know where we headed to. At times, it felt crystal clear and exciting to deep-dive into the world of customers’ pain and gains. Thank you Prudential for trusting us in innovating your customer experience.
Nhu Vo Elkin
Co-Founder, Doodle Design.
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