The power of
Look Again
The power of
Look Again
Brand Design

From solid research baseline, strong strategy, to brilliant visuals and messagings, we build brands that delight their customers in a competitive market and stay relevant with the test of time. By getting deeply into the “why” behind customers’ behaviors, we create the empathetic picture and unique ‘insight’ as the north star for our design process.

Persona Design

Evolve from the ‘what’ of demographics to the “why” and the ‘so-what’ through various researching and synthesizing methods.

Strategy Design

Answer key burning questions to build a framework for a brand to live, breathe and thrive.

Brand Creation

Start from scratch from brand strategy, story, naming to identity and full asset design in a human-centric approach.

Brand Refresh

Take an evolution or revolution road to give the brand a new chapter, meaning or simply an incremental improvement with big impact.

Concept Testing

Make stimulus of story, messagings and mood images to bring the ideas in front of the customers to remove expensive mistakes and gain early success

Brand Asset Design

Bring the brand soul to life from basic internal items, users-centric templates to out-of-home branded items.

Our “Persona-Led Brand Innovation” Approach

Our “So-what” principle in the persona-led design process empowers and unleashes the most significant ‘insight’ to lay a strong baseline for a brand to win. By “looking again’ at the smallest and most important piece of information from both internal and external perspective, we bring the brand its unique positioning, own voice and story that stands out.

Why Doodle’s Approach
  • We don’t stop asking why until the burning insight is discovered
  • We blend a balance between the ‘research” and ‘visual” to make a brand not only look good but stay desirable.
  • We co-create and invite the key stakeholders and customers into the design process to answer the key strategic question “What does a brand stand for”
  • We are one of the first design firms to bring Design Thinking into the brand making process in Vietnam.
Clients & Testimonials
Our brand refresh process with Doodle Design was highly collaborative and resulted in a product we are very proud of. Their iterative and customer-centered approach is exactly what we were looking for to ensure our brand would resonate with the right audience.
George Marshall (SSIS)
Digital Marketing Officer
Doodle took us through a journey of strategy, ideation, and creation. We are so proud to show off the newly-born Sonatus, and Orbital brand to the world
Thuy Hoang
Founder, Sonatus/Orbital
We had a vision to create a game-changing BNPL platform. Doodle’s ability to marry aesthetic and strategic goals into an identity with a distinctive positioning and compelling story really impressed us.
Nikki Pham
COO, LIT Technology Co.