Crafting Vietnam’s Future Workforce Skills

Ginni Rometty, former IBM CEO, advocates for a skills-first hiring approach where competencies surpass traditional credentials. The evolving job landscape, shaped by AI advancements, demands continual skill adaptation. As Rometty anticipates a potential devaluation of degrees, championing skills-focused programs, the discourse on AI’s influence on hiring and education gains momentum.

“When generative AI fully integrates into the workforce, it will put a premium on soft skills like collaboration, judgment, and critical thinking. These are what humans do best, and they’re often skills-built, not degrees-built,” Rometty pointed out. “People can upskill when generative AI redefines what skills are needed for any role—despite where you went to college or what expertise you have going into it.”

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2023 report envisions a recalibration of in-demand skills by 2027.

Analytical and creative thinking, coupled with AI and big data expertise, claim top positions. The report accentuates the pressing need for adaptability and training, with 44% of workers facing disruption in core skills. As soft skills gain prominence, the report echoes Rometty’s call for lifelong learning. Where do you stand on AI reshaping the job market and education?

Doodle Design Services, a pioneer in innovation design and training, recognizes innovation as the linchpin for success amid technological flux and shifting demographics.

  • Harmony with Evolving Skills: The Future of Jobs report underscores the ascendance of cognitive skills, mirroring Doodle Design’s focus on equipping the Vietnamese workforce with Creative Problem Solving Skills, enabled by a human-centric system of innovation and Design Thinking. This convergence ensures companies stay competitively armed.

  • Practical Application: Doodle Design takes Design Thinking beyond theory, applying its principles to real-world scenarios and challenges.
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  • Adapting to Change: Both sources recognize the imperative for individuals and organizations to adapt.

In a dynamic job market where creative problem-solving, creative collaboration, and empathetic skills are much needed, Doodle Design Services emerges as a guiding force. Leveraging innovative mindsets, Creative Confidence Skill Sets, and systems of Innovation and Design Thinking, we enable individuals and organizations to cultivate critical skills for the evolving landscape. The emphasis on human-centric solutions and continuous learning echoes the World Economic Forum’s vision for a workforce thriving in change.

Are we ready for this crucial inflection point in our workplace?

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