Keeping a Bank’s Promise Through Design-Led Culture
Design Thinking Training

“Be Greater” is not only a brand promise but a way of culture at Techcombank. The finance giant takes it passionately by creating a culture of ‘experiment’ by applying “Design Thinking” into their way of working. The bank has a purpose: to turn every single member of Techcombank to a ‘designer’ to innovate better everyday.

How We Helped

A “Design Thinking” partner, Doodle creates a repeated series of methods centering on the bank’s main challenges and the customers’ most desirable areas.

Inviting in broad roles across multidisciplinary, we deliver the workshop on remote structure using collaborative tools such as Mural, and Webex.

The facilitation is not like others. It requires participants to apply the key mindsets of an Human-Centered Designer/ Innovator by being “Empathetic, Visual, Imaginative, Curious, Iterative, Collaborative”. The participants are also engaged in various group work and discussion through a combination of lecture-based and outcome-based format. Led by our certified facilitators, Chris Elkin and Nhu Vo Elkin and Doodle’s team, the workshop feels like a rollercoaster through moments of divergent and convergent thinking, moving from problem framing to ideations to prioritization. Real context scenarios, hands-on practice, real world case study and unusual ways of thinkinking makes the workshop unique and passionately welcomed by Techcomers.

It was a roller coaster of the Design Thinking learning journey with participants from diverse roles and we achieved our goals with real outcomes to apply immediately post training. During the reflective and check-in sessions, we were amazed with real stories of Techcombank team putting Design Thinking mindsets, methods and tools to practical use. The training not only helps Techcombank team become better creative problem framers and solvers, it also opens up a new way of working, collaborating and solving problems remotely
Chris Elkin
Founder, Doodle Design.
  • Adding Stimulation to a Bank Brand Plan
    Brand Plan Innovation Workshopping
  • Going Remote Creatively
    Design Thinking Training
  • Finding a Common Voice in a Hybrid Way
    Design Thinking Idea Acceleration Workshopping
  • Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel
    Strategy Design, Idea Acceleration
  • A New Approach to Customer Feedback
    Design Thinking Facilitation, Idea Acceleration
  • Adding an Innovation Seed to Future Lab Program
    Design Thinking Training
  • Adding a ‘Secret Ingredient’ to a Renowned Chocolatier
    Design Thinking Culture Tranformation, Strategy Design
  • From Insights to Fresh Ideas
    Design Thinking Training, Idea Acceleration

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