Adding Stimulation to a Bank Brand Plan





Brand Plan Innovation Workshopping


When a bank needed innovation, it decided to get closer to their most important asset, the customers. The marketing team had a purpose to innovate a new brand for 2022 and wanted a day with the core team members to create new, unusual, and desirable ideas. It wasn’t done in a meeting room. It was done 100% online using the latest digital collaboration tools and Design Thinking methods to break through.

How We Helped

A Design Thinking Learning & Acceleration Workshop was designed to center on MSB’s brand challenges for the upcoming year. Prior to the workshop, together with the team, we created a challenge statement as an initial hypothesis. This challenge statement was critical to bring along alignment and set a strong baseline for our collaboration together.

During the workshop, through the “Double Diamond of Design” approach, we emerged from a hypothesized challenge to a reframed one with a view of the customers we wanted to target for the upcoming year. With Doodle’s extensive experience in problem-framing and idea acceleration facilitation and the finance industry, we used different Design Thinking Mindsets and Methods to stimulate the thinking and push the limit to generate hundreds of ideas which were specific for MSB. Using different methods of ‘selecting’ and ‘prioritizing’ ideas, the team was able to spot some new final ideas to move forward with to drive their Brand Innovation for the year ahead.

"As a marketing leader I can see how the power of design thinking course by Doodle Design inspires greater performance and potential in the Marketing team at MSB. The trainer was good at leading, facilitating and getting the best out of everyone, making us excited about our transforming marketing strategy."
Duong Ngoc Dung
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    Design Thinking Learning Journey: Learn. Do. Lead.

    Design Thinking Pitstop

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  • Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel
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Why Design Thinking?

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