Design Thinking Acceleration

Either your challenge is to build a future-ready team, improve collaboration, faster decision-making process, better ROI or in search of new ideas, we all need a common language – the customer. Our Design Thinking IMPACT program is crafted to bring changes and accelerate growth by equipping your teams with new ways of ‘thinking and doing”.

Design Thinking Learning Journey

The “Why. What. How” Foundation or Advanced program, Tailor-made for diverse teams, roles and goals, done in-person, or 100% online or hybrid.

Problem-framing Workshopping

Deepen empathy with the customers by asking “why and how” to lead to an enlightened and new perspective to re-define a business challenge.

Ideation Workshopping

Using a mixture of Design Thinking methods to invite unusual and new way of seeing to arrive at disruptive and fresh solutions.

Prioritization Workshopping

Untangle a matrix of ideas and define a clear way forward with clear roadmap and action planning.

Sprint Workshopping

Series of sessions applying Design Thinking methods to generate, build and sprint test ideas in a short time frame.

Idea Acceleration

Reframe the challenge and bring teams together to empower and unleash new ideas. Prototype and quickly test them.

Our IMPACT Approach

Doodle Design’s IMPACT approach is inspired by LUMA’s human-centered system and MURAL‘s Collaborative Intelligence Framework to help equip people with mindset, capabilities and go-to resources to be more customer-centric, agile, and aligned. At the heart of it, we help unlock an individual’s genius creativity and capture and measure inputs and feedback efficiently.

Why Doodle’s Approach
  • Curated, tried and tested knowledge and experience gained from practical and real business cases across industry.
  • Delivered by LUMA certified, experienced, business savvy team of instructors and facilitators.
  • “Learning by doing” and highly interactive and stimulating through the world leading Collaborative Intelligence Framework
  • Enhanced with self-learning and interactive pre and post workshopping materials. 100% developed and designed by the Doodle internal team.
Clients & Testimonials
The 3 years strategy vision was made clearer with the power of Design Thinking and Doodle team’s facilitation. Doodle's team challenged and helped us think outside the box and re-look at what we do with different lenses.
Manuela Spiga
Senior Manager, Careers, Alumni & Industry Relations, RMIT Vietnam
As a marketing leader, I can see how the power of Design Thinking by Doodle inspires greater performance and potential in MSB's team. The trainer was good at getting the best out of us, making us excited about our transforming marketing strategy.
Duong Ngoc Dung
Hundreds of ideas were created in a 2-day Design Thinking workshop. With Chris and Nhu’s facilitation, we clustered them to a powerful few. The team walked away with clarity to innovate better for the changing future.
Christian Leitzinger
COO, Pham Nguyen Food