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Design Thinking Idea Acceleration


What does it take to create a 3-year strategy for a global educational player? A brand health check? A research project? RMIT took a slightly different route. A 2-day reflection of the world to empower the project team to unleash and design a strategy that helps the brand stay relevant in the V.U.C.A world.

How We Helped

The big question we needed to answer wass: How might we reimagine the future? First, we needed to understand what’s changing right now. By setting the scene and having an open floor discussion, we invited the team into the reflective mindset to understand the new complex world that the brand operated in. From there, we co-designed the customer persona together as the solid baseline for our creative session on “the future reimagination’. Taking it further, we put things into reality with prototyping and iteration methods to truly test out the scenario. “Make. Test. Learn” was put to use and created a final picture of where RMIT should be heading to in the next 3 years.

"The 3 years strategy vision was made clearer with the power of Design Thinking and Doodle team’s facilitation. RMIT team enjoyed the pace, the methods and the outcomes were satisfying.
Doodle's team challenged all of us and helped us think outside the box and re-look at what we do with different lenses. "
Manuela Spiga
Senior Manager, Careers, Alumni & Industry Relations, RMIT Vietnam
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