Going Remote Creatively
Design Thinking Training

When meeting in person was a challenge, RMIT sought to find a new dynamic alternative- remote workshoppings for students sitting in different countries. Sharing the same goals and new mindsets, students came together to learn how to collaborate, stay creative and innovate better through new digital tools, led by Doodle Design. The key recipe? Design Thinking.

How We Helped

After learning on the key challenges and goals RMIT Accelerate was facing, Doodle Design crafted a roadmap of training content that is suitable to the background of the students sitting across countries to slowly equip them with fundamental Design Thinking knowledge, bearing in mind real practice scenarios and outcomes. The digital tools such Zoom, Mural were considered and blended into the learning journey.

“Covid-19 has presented both great challenges and opportunities. The way we work has changed forever. We all need to adapt now. Remote workshops and facilitation we offer using Design Thinking today are the future way of collaboration and innovation together.” said Chris Elkin – Founder, of Doodle Design.

From Design Thinking foundation to problem framing to ideations, RMIT Accelerate students were able to experience the world of Design Thinking recipes by putting them together to accelerate ideas. Together with RMIT, we develop “Green Hat, Creative Problem Solving” content to help students to be creative, visual through Design Thinking using digital tools. At the end of the learning journey, students become better innovators and are aided with new mindsets, tools to apply in real cases and challenges they face.

Our Design Thinking workshopping with more than 50 participants was a blast! A huge thanks to Doodle Design for introducing us to these tools to help us stay innovative and creative. With valuable insights and go-to methods, solving problems is now much easier and fun.
RMIT Accelerate Student
Curious to see a real
Design Thinking workshop?
  • Keeping a Bank’s Promise Through Design-Led Culture
    Design Thinking Training
  • Adding Stimulation to a Bank Brand Plan
    Brand Plan Innovation Workshopping
  • Finding a Common Voice in a Hybrid Way
    Design Thinking Idea Acceleration Workshopping
  • Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel
    Strategy Design, Idea Acceleration
  • A New Approach to Customer Feedback
    Design Thinking Facilitation, Idea Acceleration
  • Adding an Innovation Seed to Future Lab Program
    Design Thinking Training
  • Adding a ‘Secret Ingredient’ to a Renowned Chocolatier
    Design Thinking Culture Tranformation, Strategy Design
  • From Insights to Fresh Ideas
    Design Thinking Training, Idea Acceleration

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