Adding a ‘Secret Ingredient’ to a Renowned Chocolatier

Puratos Grand Place Vietnam




Design Thinking Culture Tranformation


Puratos Grand Place Vietnam is a well-respected chocolate maker in Vietnam that produces a range of wonderful products – they need no help with their recipes for chocolate! They asked Doodle to step in and finetune another key ingredient that lies at the heart of this company: the spirit of innovation.

How We Helped

To help Puratos Grand Place Vietnam enhance its innovative mindset – and develop a more customer-centric approach – we set out to introduce the concepts of inside-out and outside-in thinking. The former encourages a strong empathy for their customers’ pain points while the latter would encourage consideration of every single employee in the organisation. This is where we begin our Design Thinking Training marathon with every role of the organisation.

First Doodle drew up and explored a Stakeholder Map and ‘cooked up’ a Design Thinking Recipe so the Puratos team can see how they would realign, collaborate, and share a way forward, after identifying the key stakeholders of an innovation-led organisation.

Once the team warmed up with the right mindset, and spirit, we entered sprints of workshoppings to equip them with the approach, method and recipes. We started with deep empathy by re-framing the right problems. The output of this workshop was various possibilities of “How Might We” statements. Then, we moved to “Ideations” with Creative Matrix and brought the ideas to life and to bigger impact and visuals through Concept Poster and Story MockUp. Ideas travel as far as global reach and get as close as solving the smallest customers’ problems that we get to look-again.

The journey was not done there when Doodle and the Puratos team collaborated to craft a fun “propaganda poster” that would catch the Puratos team’s attention and put what they were trained for to practical use. We invited the team to enter a company-wide ‘Design Thinking Marathon’ contest which engaged every level of roles from product, sales, Research and Development to Logistics Team. Knowing that design is not done overnight. We continued with another campaign. This time, instead of creating a propaganda poster, we produced a cool animated video to ‘reinforce’ the spirit, mindsets and power of Design Thinking.

This marathon is a result of commitment of time, resources, and a strong affirmation. Through this, the spirit of innovation and a customer-centric mindset have been brought to life at Puratos Grand Place Vietnam.

“This is an outstanding collaboration with Doodle, producing fantastic results and a fresh new perspective that we will use going forward.”
Gricha Safarian
CEO, Puratos Grand Place Vietnam
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