Creating a Beach Club Experience for the Right People





Persona Design


Hoiana wanted to create a beach club in the Central region of Vietnam. The brand knows what it aims for: the right location, the architecture design, the food and drink experience, and the customer segmentations it wanted to reach. The burning questions: What is the main value proposition for each segment? Do they like what we design for them? What is an ideal experience like for them? The brand decided to engage Doodle to craft the customer story through Persona Profiling to deep dive into the layers of emotions and gain early inputs into future design ideas.

How We Helped

Taking on board the main target customer segmentation, Doodle designed the profile of customers we wanted to approach to conduct discovery sessions. From demographics to usage history, we screened and selected 27 customers for interviews. With a hypothesis in mind, we had some initial assumptions around these selected profiles; however, we kept an open mind to seek “Stories” and “aha” findings. Something surprised us and surprised the customers too –
It was the power of discovery after all.

During the interviews, we used the ‘ice-berg technique to uncover the layers deeply hidden inside every answer and story shared by our customers. We sought after the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’. We challenged the answers and our own assumptions. Post interviews, we used a digital whiteboard to decode interview inputs, translate them into findings and into insights. To draw out the personas, we needed to look across and synthesize the findings to capture the most critical, unique, and common traits. At the end, we designed 3 final personas with 3 distinctive stories and value propositions to be used for future branding and communications strategy as well the whole beach club experience idea and decision.

“The winning recipe to build a persona lies in the decoding process to find critical and synthesized findings and patterns across all profiles’ key behaviors helping deliver distinctive and industry-relevant personas that future solutions can be designed for. We’re proud to be able to make such a critical impact to the future success of the project”
Nhu Vo Elkin
Co-Founder, Doodle Design
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