Sprint-Test a Breakfast Idea

Dutch Lady (in partnership with SpiNovation Lab)




Design Sprint


Making breakfast everyday is simple. Innovating a new idea is a challenge. Launching the wrong idea to solve the wrong problem may be an expensive mistake. How might we design a breakfast solution that is desirable by customers and commercially viable?

How We Helped

Through Human-Centered Design Sprints, we make ‘low fidelity’ materials called “prototyping” to test directly with the right people. Through the process of ‘Making- Testing-Learning’, we gain feedback, iterate ideas, test again and again until we have the ‘right-fit’ solution, solving the right problem for the right people.

Sprints bring huge benefits of saving time, cost and most importantly, ideas are made great and desirable. What’s the secret of success behind Design Sprint? The right Human-Centered Design methods: Prototyping, Think-aloud-testing, Contextual Inquiry and Interviewing.

“Doodle Design was amazing to work with! They mobilized a team (at the last minute) to help design and carry out a product research plan to test five different product prototypes to determine what breakfast product Dutch Lady should invest in. Doodle Design experience working in FMCG proved to be a big asset to the project team”
Jameel Somji,
SpiNovation Labs Founder
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