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In our rapidly changing world, leaders of all types of organizations – startups, corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies – need to understand how to innovate. To encourage each other and overcome together. Contrary to popular belief, innovation is often not the result of random lightning strikes, but rather the practice of the right mindset, methods and tools. In a remote and live workshopping and Q&A session, over 100 participants of budding start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs were taken on an interactive journey to learn the basics of Design Thinking mindsets and methods.

How We Helped

Together with the key stakeholders, we map out the key goals to achieve at the end of the workshop. It needs to be digital relevant, practical to the start-up spirit, and highly collaborative. Where did we start? The participants were first introduced to some fundamental ways of visualising how to frame problems and solve problems better together, in more human-centered ways, including using the double diamond of design and exposed to key behaviours of innovators. A range of Design Thinking methods were also shared, including how these methods could be facilitated remotely, through new remote-working tools, such as the game-changing digital white-board & workspace, MURAL.

Thank you so much for taking time to add innovation to our Seed the Future Program. We have gained valuable insights into Design Thinking and are motivated and inspired to use Design Thinking as a Creative Approach to Problem Solving. Doodle’s valuable contribution was critical to the success of our program.
Martin Kim
Shinhan Future's Lab Vietnam Director
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