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Sonatus is an exciting, new modern office space in downtown Ho Chi Minh City with a distinctive blend of global and Japanese inspirations. With its sophisticated, elegant design, Sonatus is where visionaries and industry leaders will find a reflection of their true self and inspiration to achieve their goals and ambitions together.

How We Helped

Where did we first step into the story? Right at the beginning. Using the 3 steps “Look again. Understand. Doodle”, we explored the challenges and desires of different stakeholders, including external potential customers before emerging in the world of ideas through the co-creation Brand Strategy Workshop. It is somewhere among all the ‘Rose’ (Positives) – ‘Thorn’ (negatives) – ‘Bud’ (opportunities) and ‘Affinity Clustering’ that we got the inspiration of the name “The Sonatus” from. At first, the team wanted to create a concept of “echoing” and “Reflect. Achieve. Belong” vision to position Sonatus as a beacon of attraction and aspiration where all tenant partners and the local community would make momentous achievements together.

From there, Sonatus’ concept of ‘timeless sounds’ was born, and in turn, our client’s name, brand identity and key communication messages all followed.

Take a look at how the Sonatus team took it further to the “Voice of Sonatus” campaign.

Doodle took us through a journey of strategy, ideation, and creation. We are so proud to show off the newly-born Sonatus, and Orbital brand to the world.
Thuy Hoang
Founder, Sonatus / Orbital
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