The Pursuit of English Learning “Shark Bites”

1on1 English




Strategy Design


1On1 English is a pioneer of online English learning in Vietnam. As one of the first movers in the industry, the 1On1 team sought to understand, empathize with, and innovate the way English is delivered remotely. Doodle was engaged to identify the ‘pains’, ‘gains,’ and strategic ways to win this competition.

How We Helped

At the beginning of the project, Doodle and the 1On1 team put forth intensive effort to understand and identify the right customer segments we wanted to approach, and the burning ‘pains’ that needed to be solved. To do this, we needed to understand each customer’s persona, their decision-making journey, and 1On1’s goals in the competition. We then used the leap of logic to work with both 1On1 English stakeholders and customers to craft the right script and gain as many valuable insights as possible. With the design thinking ‘iterative’ and ‘co-creation’ mindset, questions, scripts and findings were discussed daily to reach alignment, and re-designed with immediate action taken. Following the ‘diverging’ process, insights then converged to find the key “shark bites” to define the strategic positioning going forward. Using Affinity Clustering, the Doodle team broke down all of the information and knowledge, and then ‘de-clustered’ it to find a pattern and the hurrah moments, i.e. the main shark bites.

1On1 English collaborated with Doodle to identify the problems we were solving. By running extensive user research, we have been able to iterate and improve our product and optimize our positioning
Cedric Le Quellec
Founder & CEO, 1On1 English
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