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Pham Nguyen Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of soft cakes, biscuits, chocolates, crackers and its trademark “Phaner Pie,” a marshmallow-filled bun with a chocolate coating. As a leader in the Vietnamese snack food industry, Pham Nguyen Foods takes its place among Southeast Asia’s leading snack food manufacturers. When the brand faced the unexpected new reality of Covid-19, the opportunity to reign in the chaos and look into all possible details to innovate and disrupt came along.

How We Helped

With customized design thinking methods to closely follow the business’ goals, key consumer insights, and each team’s KPIs, Design Thinking brought the best benefits to frame, solve, and ideate a business challenge that this leading FMCG brand is facing.

With a clear focus on who to serve, the client team was divided into real customer groups to truly empathize with the real personas they wish to target. In order to do this, persona crafting and experience journey design were put into place. Throughout the process, real problems, new possibilities, and initiatives were framed and ideated. Open floor discussions and alignment helped prioritize the focus and made sure all the most impactful ideas were fully captured and further strengthened.

“Hundreds of ideas were created in a 2-day Design Thinking workshop. With Chris and Nhu’s facilitation, we clustered them to a powerful few. The team walked away with clarity to innovate better for the changing future.”
Christian Leitzinger
COO, Pham Nguyen Food
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