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Design Thinking Learning Journey: Learn. Do. Lead.


Challenges are an inevitable part of every business, but how a company tackles them speaks volumes about its commitment to growth and innovation. ABBank, a prominent player in the banking industry, is no stranger to challenges, especially when it comes to finding customer-centric solutions that drive business growth. No matter which roles you’re playing, become more customer centric, collaborative and creative, to solve the right priority problems for the right customers is now our mission.

How We Helped

Doodle with practical experience in Design Thinking and a deep understanding of customers in the financial and banking sector has designed a training journey to help ABBbank turn the dream of winning customers’ hearts into reality. The 2 days workshop plan came out to help ABBank team with right mindset using tools & method of Design Thinking to become user-centric innovators:

“Everyone has the power to innovate"

As ordinary people from many different departments of the bank, ABBank team started the workshop with curiosity mixed with excitement to learn about the customer-centric journey using Design thinking.

The workshop became open, starting with a collaboration atmosphere with sharpie pens and yellow notes, they began to draw stories about themselves and openly introduce each other, thereby getting to know and understand their colleagues.

After that, the teams started drawing their first designs with the ‘Design a vase’ activity, learning the 6 mindsets of the innovator. ABBank team became excited and realized that anyone, regardless of position, has the ability to design. Everyone has the power to innovate!

The art of “Framing the right problem..."

On Day 1 of the Design Thinking workshop at ABBank, the team delved into the crucial step of framing the right problem. They learned & practiced various methods to discover the problem, such as ‘Stakeholder Mapping’ and Ethnographic research methods…

After gathering research findings, they defined the problem using the ‘Rose, Thorn, Buds’ method and made sense of their research findings through ‘Affinity Clustering’. With a clear understanding of the problem, they creatively framed it using “How Might We” questions.

This foundational day set the stage for the rest of the workshop, ensuring that ABBAnk team approach problem-solving with empathy and a well-defined focus.

Innovation meets problem-solving, the creative way

Moving to Day 2 of the Design Thinking workshop at ABBank, the team focused on solving the problem creatively. They started the day by practicing the methods of the ‘Creative Matrix’ and ‘Alternative World’ to generate as many ideas as possible in a fun competition. The team was amazed by the massive creativity within their ranks, resulting in over 255 ideas.

They then learned methods to converge these ideas by strategically selecting the most important and feasible solutions using the ‘Important/Difficulty Matrix’ and the ‘DFV model’.

Finally, the team co-created and shared their big ideas through ‘Concept Posters’, using the ‘Critique’ method to receive feedback and further improve their concepts. This day was dedicated to harnessing creativity and refining solutions to address the challenge at hand.

Taking the first step toward “Change"

Following the workshop experiences, all learning cohorts are encouraged to actively incorporate the principles of Design Thinking into their daily work, ensuring that the acquired knowledge remains fresh in their minds. This is facilitated through the “Coaching Check-in” sessions, where learners are invited to share their personal stories and experiences with Design Thinking. Doodle takes an active role in ensuring that the learning journeys are circular and reflective, prioritizing ongoing learning and real project outcomes over a linear and one-dimensional approach.

Design Thinking Enablement for Everyone

At Doodle, we believe that the learning process through workshops is only 10% of the Design Thinking journey. The remaining 90% involves individuals actively seeking opportunities to apply the Design Thinking ways to their daily work and projects. To do that successfully, Doodle created an expansive Self-Learning Content, in both English and Vietnamese – ‘Doodle A’. The content we created now ready to embed into any Learning Management System to help every organization stay confident, resilient and competitive to grow and lead the change through real-world Design Thinking led tools and methods.

Join the never-ending journey of innovators

After 2 days rapid of learning & practicing with Design Thinking, there is a strong focus on mindset change towards innovation. The ABBank teams are encouraged to view failure as a learning opportunity rather than a setback, while also recognizing the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in a rapidly changing industry.

Doodle & ABBank look forward to empowering individuals to become innovators within the organization, challenging conventional thinking and processes. The Design Thinking workshop plays a crucial role in this transformation, benefiting both individuals and teams. ABBank encourages employees to share their experiences and insights with colleagues, promoting cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing throughout the organization.

On behalf of the ABBank team and personally I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Doodle team.The experience has been truly rewarding, and I am grateful for the chance to work together. Doodle demonstrated great knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm - especially Chris powered by a lot of coffee. We are excited about the potential of scaling Design Thinking-led ways of working across other leadership levels and roles at ABBank.
Dmitry Kashtanov
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