A New Approach to Customer Feedback

Suzuki Vietnam




Design Thinking Facilitation


Suzuki / VISUCO had just launched a new after-sales customer service and service request system (CSI). For the automobile industry, it’s not only important to ‘win a customer’ but also important to retain the customer’s loyalty and repeat business. That’s why they came to us. They wanted us to help Suzuki Dealer Service Personnel gain a better understanding of the new CSI tools and innovate new ways to track customer feedback and satisfaction after each car was sold. 

How We Helped

Doodle put together a range of Design Thinking led workshops to help bring their different teams together. The goals were to introduce the Suzuki Vietnam team to the Design Thinking mindset, methods and tools and create Customer Personas so they can better empathise with their customers.  We use ‘Rose-Thorn-Bud’ and ‘Affinity Clustering’ methods to allow full team input and alignment around the ‘real’ problems at hand.  With ‘Creative Matrix’, the team was able to generate over 150 ideas together within each sprint.  The powerful ‘Impact/Difficulty Matrix’ helped the team discuss, align and prioritise their best ideas.

The secret of success?  Together the ‘Suzuki Vietnam Innovation Sprint Factory’ ensured all team members from multiple functions had their opportunity to input and conceive ideas and align on the best possible ways to frame real problems that thwart innovation and to find new solutions so they can innovate in the short- to long-term future.

Design Thinking is an interesting and necessary method to improve our service. I was very impressed with the Doodle team. Our team had a smile on their face. It looked really fun and we achieved the results we wanted.
Hisashi Suyama
General Manager, Suzuki Vietnam
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