The Creation of Life in a Tap





Brand Strategy


Vietnam’s E-Commerce market is highly competitive. How might an ambitious new player enter the market and stand out? Life in a Tap (LIT) answered this problem by becoming the first BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) financial solution provider. By offering, upon purchase, installments of 4 payments, both digitally and offline, LIT aims to upgrade people’s lifestyles. Prior to becoming LIT, the brand was seeking to connect the stakeholders’ goals and challenges, market challenges and, most importantly, customer concerns into their brand story, positioning and identity. The end result? To brighten people’s lives by providing everything they need for their “life in a tap” and earn a space in their hearts, now and long term. That’s where Doodle comes in.

How We Helped

Using our core approach “Make. Test. Learn.” and collaborating with the team’s key stakeholders, we started by inviting the key personas for the brand into the process. Next, we co-created with the stakeholders and personas, drawing inspirations for their future brand strategy, story, and messaging through user empathy sessions.

By conducting interviews, we discovered key distinctive pain points that shaped the strong differentiation for LIT. After a few rounds of crafting, rough-ready prototyping, and testing, we designed the LIT brand with the big idea of ‘upgrading people’s lifestyle in an easy and simple way’. The first of its kind was born. LIT is now enthusiastically launched to market.

We had a vision to create a game-changing Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) app for upcoming Vietnamese consumers, and the Doodle team helped connect that with customers’ desirability to create LIT that excited not only our team but the whole e-commerce market. Doodle’s ability to marry aesthetic and strategic goals into an identity with a distinctive positioning and compelling story really impressed us.
Nikki Pham
COO, LIT Technology Co.
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