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Doodle Design - Techcombank Design Thinking workshop

Doodle has partnered with Techcombank on an exciting Design Thinking learning journey, helping them to achieve their inspiring goal: To turn every single member of Techcombank into a ‘designer’ to innovate and collaborate better everyday.

The journey involves learners going through a deep mindset transformation, which ultimately, leads to a behavioral change when approaching complex people-problems. All of Techcombank’s learners have been willing to challenge their old, built-in ways of working and thinking, enthusiastically welcoming the Design Thinking Ways of Working into their daily work, which has been the largest success factor of this ongoing partnership.

It is a huge pleasure to receive positive feedback from our learners and sharings of applying Design Thinking in their daily work. We believe our journey together will inspire the “customer-obsessed” mindsets and create an organization-wide behavior of “designing the right things for the right people ” at all times.

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Doodle Team–

An insightful sharing from Raphael, one of our Techombank’s learners.

“In 2018, #StandardCharteredBank ran multiple #LUMA system courses. I participated to a 3 day deep dive training on Human centered Design framework: the trainees discovered, explored and practiced the Luma Toolset such as:

Interviewing, Walk-a-Mile immersion, Stakeholder Mapping, Experience Diagramming, Creative Matrix, Buy a Feature, Build your own, Concept Poster… so many interesting and practical methods that can and should be used at work. (Thank you Marion Bernardi for being my trainer!).

Last week, my colleagues and I at #Techcombank have enjoyed the Advanced Design Thinking training lead by Doodle Design.

After a first 2 days virtual training during Covid period in 2022, we could eventually enjoy a face to face session. Chris and his team are awesome facilitators, these 2 days were very smooth and practical. Although Design Thinking offer a deep range of tools, we really focused on practicing few technics:

  • What’s on your Radar?
  • Visualize the vote
  • Abstraction Laddering
  • Round Robin
  • Cover Story Mock-up
  • Critique – (or the art of receiving feedback!)
  • Build your own

Of course we first reviewed the #DoubleDiamond Of Design… Actually these techniques & tools are key steps of the journey from the Problem Space – to the Solution Space (Good refresher!!).

We also had the opportunity to review the key design thinking facilitator attributes, where each trainee reflected on their strengths and weaknesses.

Eventually my key reflection by the end of these 2 days are the following:

1) What is in for me as a Trainee?

  • Which of the tools can I really use as Transformation leader and Agile Coach?
  • Which tool dare to practice in real situation with our challenging stakeholders?

2) What is in for me as Facilitator?

  • What can I learn from Chris?
  • What are the Facilitations skills I can grow?
  • What are the tools, the wordings, the games I can adapt to our Coaching context in order to make our “clients” fully engaged.

Being myself a facilitator, having continuous coaching sessions, training every week our teams to embrace the Agile Mindset, attending this advanced Design Thinking training is a great opportunity to be in the trainees shoes, observe and learn! So please let me thank Techcombank (TCB), Chris Elkin, all the participants (especially Group 4) and our Learning Team (LND) for this opportunity.

Be ready #Techcomers for the next advanced Agile training, cause we will improve drastically!

Cheers all.”

-Raphael Moutot, Lead Agile Coach @ Techcombank

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