“Buds” at Home Credit Vietnam

Delighted to see the positive feedback from Lien Pham about the Facilitating Great Outcomes Workshop‘ with Doodle Design, Founder & Coach Chris Elkin

“A very productive Friday with the ‘Facilitating Great Outcomes Course’ – by Coach Chris Elkin from Doodle Design.

Really appreciate chi Dung Nguyen , chi Alexis Pham and the HR team for giving us the opportunity to participate in this course; we truly appreciate the enhancement of employees’ knowledge through very in-depth programs.

Our Team 2 with the “Best Pay Program” secured both awards of the course yayyy 😝😝😝😝 and with valuable contributions from other team as well.

Really happy working at Home Credit Vietnam ❤️

Robin Ker Yen Nguyen Nhan Nguyen

#SustainableDigiFinancier” (Lien Pham, Head of MKT Operations & Sustainability (ESG) at Home Credit Vietnam)

Team 2 bagged both “Best Pay Program” awards, with kudos to other teams for their contributions too.

We are thrilled to be part of your journey, and we look forward to more collaborative successes in the future. Thank you for choosing Doodle Design! Doodle Design’s ‘Facilitating Great Outcomes’ workshop equips people in Home Credit Vietnam to better plan, prepare for, and facilitate effective and fun work sessions, using global best practices Design Thinking-led mindsets, skillsets, and facilitator superpowers. 

Each person in the course gains practical, hands-on experience to facilitate and ‘learn by doing’ best practice facilitation with others in their learning group.

After completing this workshop, participants can better:

  • Understand the what, why, and practical application of Facilitation in their everyday work.
  • Plan, prepare & facilitate human-centered work sessions to address common, daily challenges.
  • Facilitate engaging work sessions using go-to, leading Design Thinking methods with comfort, confidence, and agility to bring out the best work in their peers. 
  • Document and share their outputs and outcomes to support their next steps.

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