Why “Doodle Out Loud”

“Creativity sparks when you least expect it.” This is how our blog name was invented.

One day, the team was discussing an idea of building a blog community for like-minded people who are interested and passionate in using design thinking to make the right things and the things right. The blog community is a place for people to come and discover their inner “rocket self” to be creative and imaginative. Through this space, people can learn to be better innovators and collaborators.

It didn’t take long for us to immediately fall in love with the idea. And guess what? The people we tested the name with loved it, too.

Voila! We created a blog where everyone can unleash their passion, knowledge, and thirst to make impact through Design Thinking and beyond. 

“Doodle Out Loud” delivers a spirit of playful creativity, no-constraint thinking, and a continuous learning mindset.  

What to expect at “Doodle Out Loud”? Design Thinking, anything Doodly, lots of good sharing and best practices, and occasional experts sharing and advising.  We want to keep it simple and easy to digest yet stimulating.

Ready to doodle out loud? Let’s go!

To our summer intern who is reading this,  just so you know you have made an impact in creating this fun, creative and rather ‘doodly’ name.  Thank you.

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