Team Assistant

This role is responsible for providing support to our leadership team on operations, business initiatives and people management and engagement. People with Operations, Human Resources or People Development background and experience are great plus.

Executive assistance

  • Provide day to day operational, administrative support to the leadership team.
  • Coordinate with the internal or external stakeholders to carry out assignments or ad hoc projects.
  • Join in scheduled meetings and public events to assist with logistics and minutes of meetings and next step coordination.

People engagement

  • Design and execute onboarding plans for new employees.
  • Keep an up-to-date and accurate employee master files including documents, digital information, leave balance, or timetable tracking.
  • Coordinate with external vendors and internal accountant team to provide information for monthly payroll process and quarterly tax compliance.
  • Coordinate with the leadership team to design and plan quarterly OKRs and regularly check in to assure on track and in full alignment.
  • Plan and carry out team work flow, process and key engagement activities in line with strategy, and culture of the company.

People development

  • Work with leadership team to plan and identify skills and talent pool needed for immediate and future needs
  • In charge of people recruitment process
  • In coordination with leadership team, develop scheduled Design Thinking training and demonstration for the team

General team and office assistance

  • Join in the business development process and provide any ad hoc support to the team to win the business, when required.
  • Join in ad hoc project tasks if required.
  • Other general team support that may arise.

Client project and business development administration support:

  • Follow up with contract signing, payment documents, invoices. 
  • Coordinate with the business development team to support with proposal updates, costing updates, procurement process or other project administration tasks
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