Senior UX/UI Designer

With a highly customer-centric mindset, the Senior UX/UI Designer takes a leading role on designing the most desirable user experience for leading clients’ digital projects.  The role is expected to actively lead and deliver clients’ design projects, owning the presentation and storytelling of the project to take it to the final successful outcomes.  

Why should you apply?

  • A chance to grow and make an impact with a fast-growing, dynamic company that specializes in solving problems strategically and creatively using Design Thinking.
  • Become a partner-in-crime with some of the most creative, strategic and experienced minds in the industry.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.

Key Role Focus

  • Together with the Design team, engage and deliver different Human-Centered Design methods that facilitate the customer discovery phase to deeply empathize and gain first-hand understanding of customers’ desirability.
  • Conduct user research, usability testing, wireframing, prototyping using the latest design, collaboration tools and technology.
  • Develop technical and business ideas centered around key customers/users’ pain points and desires.
  • Make ‘rough and ready’ prototyping to bring to testing.
  • Own “Show and tell” progress to the internal and client teams.
  • Research and stay up-to-date about the latest trends in in UX/UI design standard.
  • Ultimately, deliver world-class UX/UI design outputs that meet the desires of end-users and Doodle clients alike.

Design Support Role

  • Engage in ideation sessions with the team to bring visual perspective into the projects
  • Engage in the making of Design Thinking materials, visuals, crib-sheets, and icons for training and workshopping purposes.
  • Provide visual creation to Doodle’s profile-building projects such as social media and the newsletter.
  • Support with proposal designs for projects as required.

What are we looking for?


We love to work with curious, optimistic, and ambitious teammates. We also want people with long-term commitment, an inclusive mindset, and an agile spirit. Ultimately, it’s your experience and mindset that matter most.


  • 5+ year UX/UI experience and be familiar with Graphic design skills.
  • Strong knowledge of fundamental usability and aesthetic principles to design the user interface to meet requirements.
  • Be able to create a prototype for demonstrating design-usable mobile and/or web-based interfaces.
  • Exposed and/or engaged in Human-Centered Design methods.
  • Comfortable in front of customers to conduct user/customer research.
  • Agile and highly adaptable. Also, a team player.
  • Confident and comfortable communications, storytelling, presentation skills. 
  • Experience working at an e-commerce/digital agency/project is a plus.

Learn more about Doodle Design here. Please feel free to share your CV at We look forward to meeting and doodling with you!

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