Product Owner

Doodle is launching a new Design Thinking Led Platform and is seeking a team member to help design this new business idea from Discovery, Define, Ideation to MVP and Delivery phase using the core Human Centered Design approach. By being  strategic, commercially sharp and “Design and Tech” savvy, the Product Owner works with the internal team as well as external customers to build the most user’s desirable and distinctive experience.   

Main areas of focus

  • Be the champion for the customers’ voice and the business goal.  Believe in the idea to lead it to a successful outcome.
  • Own and be accountable for the full front-to-back deliverables of the product development from the Research, UX/UI Design, Development, Deployment to Iteration and Promoting of the final product.   
  • Explore best practices from leading markets with a curiosity to understand key challenges and opportunities to adapt to Vietnam and in the region.  
  • Work with key stakeholders, internal designer, content creator,  and developer to assure full alignment, removing friction, roadblocks, leading choice/decision making process, prioritizing features and assuring the sweet spot of D.V.F (Desirability, Viability, Feasibility) throughout. 
  • Lead co-working sessions/workshops using Design Thinking or Human-Centered Design methods as the core approach during the project cycles. 
  • Proatively self-equip with Design Thinking knowledge as the strong foundation. Training is also provided.
  • Capable of working independently.   Be excited about the new start-up and have a drive to grow at a later stage of the business idea.

Why should you apply?

  • A chance to grow and make an impact with a fast-growing, dynamic company that specializes in solving problems strategically and creatively using Design Thinking.
  • Become a partner-in-crime with some of the most creative, strategic and experienced minds in the industry.
  • Competitive salary and benefits. Flexible working environment. 
  • This is the unique opportunity to be a part of the early stage of a break-through business idea, to take ownership of the business and to grow and scale an impactful idea.    

What are we looking for?

Candidates with a background and experience in product design, UX/UI design, business consultancy, user research are suitable for the role.   A keen advocate and practitioner of Design Thinking is a great plus.  


We love to work with curious, optimistic, and ambitious teammates. We also want people with long-term commitment and agile spirit. Ultimately, it’s your attitude and mindset that matter most.


  • 5-6 year experience in Product Design, UX/UI design, EduTech, general Tech products 
  • Familiar with Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Research, and CX/UX/UI areas.
  • Exposed and experienced with using various collaboration tools and resources: Mural, Miro, Zoom, Team.
  • Willing to travel. Flexible with work hours.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English and Vietnamese required.  Vietnamese candidates only.

Please feel free to share your CV at We look forward to meeting and doodling with you!

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