Growth Manager

Growth Manager’s main role is to establish relationships with key target clients, respond to needs and lead Doodle’s initiatives to grow and expand the business, and engage with business and Design Thinker community through different social, digital and physical channels.  Candidates with a background of Sales, Marketing, Communications are great plus for the role. 

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Why should you apply?

A chance to grow and make an impact with a collaborative and innovative company.  Be part of a dynamic team that specializes in solving problems strategically and creatively using Design Thinking. Become a partner-in-crime with some of the most creative, strategic and experienced minds in the industry, working on solving a broad range of client category challenges. Competitive salary and benefits.

Business Development 

  • Be the key representative to connect with target organizations, decision makers or key influencers to introduce and connect Doodle’s services and solutions with their key challenges and needs.
  • Take the brief and reframe the challenges to propose strategic, creative solutions to solve clients’ problems and harness new opportunities.  
  • Lead with new discovery and ideate to create new solutions, services or products that may arise from market and clients’ understanding.
  • Sales driven.   Solution-focused. A comfortable networker.  These are the qualities we seek for this scope. 

Community building and engagement

  • Develop community building and engagement strategy and plan that align with Doodle’s key purposes and objectives.
  • Actively reach out to the targeted clients and channels to build Doodle’s presence and promote Design Thinking or thought leadership content.
  • Create and run Doodle’s social and digital channels, platforms with consistent content, and activity engagement
  • Be the go-to and connect Doodle for potential business networking opportunities to increase Doodle’s presence and top of minds in the industry. 
  • Comfortable with networking and building relationships.   Creative with social content.   Presentable and professional.  These are the qualities we seek for this scope. 


  • Manage and lead a team to achieve OKRs and to keep flow running smoothly
  • Problem solve with creative solutions to assure smooth collaboration, and communications and alignment among the team
  • Run and lead with daily stand-up and occasional retrospective meetings to improve the way we work and align and stay connected.
  • Be the team player and provide assistance to the client and internal projects when needed.

What are we looking for?


We love to work with open-minded, collaborative, and driven team members.  A person with purpose and ambition is a good fit for the role. 


  • 3-5 years experience in Marketing, Communications, Digital content, community engagement.  
  • A great plus if familiar with Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Research, and CX/UX/UI areas
  • Willing to travel. Flexible with work hours.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English & Vietnamese

Please feel free to share your CV at We look forward to meeting and doodling with you!

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