Doodle and Google Startups in Vietnam

20 startups from diverse industries are here for Google for Startups in Vietnam. 

We can feel the drive, the passion and the purpose. Truly inspiring and a privilege for Chris Elkin and Nhu Vo at Doodle Design to be their mentors. 

There are many moving parts in starting a business. Hopefully with collected mentors that Google for Startups in Vietnam has put together, we can help you connect all the dots to head to winning direction. 

Today, we introduced to our startups #designthinking and key innovators’ mindsets.

We stretched the importance of starting with customers and work backward to define experiences, services, products and technology. 

We encouraged everyone to be better creative problem framers and solvers. Ask creative questions. Form hypothesis. Spark creative solutions. 

Starting a business is a journey that tests our clarity, and ability to navigate through chaos. Embrace chaos and enjoy the journey to make your startups a sustainable success.

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