Design Thinking for a Common Humanitarian Purpose

Roland Berger, Papaya Insurtech,
Viet Capital Asset Management,
and Doodle Design




Design Thinking Workshopping


In May of 2021, Doodle Design, with the partnership of YCP Solidiance and Mekong Capital, assembled 40 leading professionals across Vietnam’s healthcare industry, with the vital goal of enhancing the quality and efficiency of care provided to the population.

Flash forward to October of 2022, after the nation’s hard-fought battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, Doodle Design, Roland Berger, Papaya Insurtech, and Viet Capital Asset management teamed up to co-organize the next iteration of Healthcare Reimagined Vietnam. This iteration gathered 60 leading stakeholders across the industry, challenging them once again, to use Design Thinking to collectively strategize for the challenge statement: “How might we provide better preventative care to Vietnam’s workforce?”.

How We Helped

This workshopping was driven by the formation of 3 distinct personas, created to communicate some of the different key needs of Vietnam’s vastly diverse population. These personas served as the compass behind the problem framing and problem solving phases, prompting the participants to design for the right solutions for the right people. Using an array of Design Thinking methods and ways of working, Doodle facilitated the workshop through Persona Design and Deep Empathy, Rose, Thorn, Buds, Affinity Clustering, Statement Starters, Creative Matrix, Alternative Worlds, and Importance/Difficulty Matrix.

The results of this human-centered, iterative and co-creative workshop process, were a staggering 333 unique ideas sparked. These ideas were collectively discussed, filtered, and prioritized using different Design Thinking methods down to 12 actionable ideas for these industry leaders and their organizations to operationalize into 2023.

This iteration of Healthcare Reimagined is another testament to the power of Design Thinking in achieving important goals, not just in traditional business, but also to gather the greatest minds in an industry to design for a common humanitarian purpose.

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For a more in-depth understanding of the challenges posed and the innovative ideas generated, download the Healthcare Reimagined 2022 White Paper here

The Reimagining Healthcare workshop brings together healthcare leaders from across the sector to showcase how a multi-stakeholder discussion can be leveraged to drive innovation in the industry. Doodle's Design Thinking workshop urges participants to be patient-centric and enables them to ideate beyond the constraints of their brand or their pre-existing biases.
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