Reimagine HealthCare White Paper: Design to Change Life
Vietnam’s Leading Healthcare Players
Healthcare Reimagine White Paper through Design Thinking

Mekong Capital, YCP Solidiance, and Doodle Design have something in common. A purpose to make an impact on life using their expertise and most importantly their empathetic mindset to the people who are in need of access to better quality healthcare in Vietnam. This was why they came together to engage healthcare industry’s top leaders to put Design Thinking to full use and start to reimagine healthcare in Vietnam.

How We Helped

Goring through these key steps: Persona Design, Deep Empathy and Reimagine Co-Creation Workshopping, Selecting Ideas, Moving Forward (actions), Doodle led various design thinking workshops, co-creation sections and valuable contributions from industry’s top minds in Vietnam to arrive at meaningful ideas and next steps to open access to quality healthcare for Vietnamese people.

The initiative was presented under a form of Healthcare White Paper. The paper started from a powerful heartfelt story and personal drive. The experience Hawkins Pham and his family encountered with their daughter’s heart issue brought about a passion to change lives and grant wider access to Vietnam’s healthcare to a bigger population. The White Paper was 100% design-led. The outcomes of this white paper were the results of a raw and authentic Design Thinking process starting from Empathy to Ideate to Reimagine. Hundreds of post-its, 432 ideas sparked. And 9 final actionable ideas.

Take a look behind the scenes of the White Paper here with the Doodle team.

“As we move forward, we hope that this white paper is just the end of the beginning of an ongoing journey to continually Reimagine Healthcare in Vietnam.”
Hawkins Pham
Be Cause Partners
  • Getting Behind the Customer’s Steering Wheel
    Strategy Design, Idea Acceleration
  • Placing Deep Empathy in the Process of Brand Strategy Design
    Strategy Design, Design Thinking Facilitation
  • The Pursuit of English Learning “Shark Bites”
    Strategy Design
  • Shaping Vietnam’s Tech Genius
    Strategy Design
  • From Insights to Fresh Ideas
    Design Thinking Training, Idea Acceleration
  • When Design Thinking meets an Innovative Furniture Brand
    Design Thinking Facilitation, Strategy Design

Want to see Design Thinking in action?

Download Reimagining Healthcare in Vietnam Whitepaper.