Design Human Centric Ideas for Maximum Impact
Design Human
Centric Ideas for
Maximum Impact
Experience Innovation

Our Experience Innovation Service helps clients achieve the industry’s shaping initiatives to bring better values to their customers through a new way of researching, ideating, prototyping, testing and launching to market in an agile and speedy way.

Create desirable moments, communications and visuals through the art of User Empathy, Experience, Brand design, Prototyping & Testing.

User Research

Ethnographic, Participatory & Evaluative Research to unveil customer pains and gains.

Personas Design

Create an empathetic picture of what the customer says, thinks, does, feels.

Customer Journey Design

Identify and remove pain-points and frictions to design zero-constraint ideas.

Iterative Prototyping

Gain feedback rapidly and iterate better through low fidelity mock-ups and sprint-testing of ideas.

Concept Testing

Create human-centered concepts through a mixture of creativity, modeling, researching methods to bring ideas to life and reality

User Experience Innovation

From UX, MVP Roadmap, Usability Testing to UI design, create designs that look good and work well.

Our “Iterative” Approach

Through our design ethos “F.A.I.L Fast to Succeed Sooner”, we take our clients through logical steps of research and design to identify the right personas, right problems and right solutions. By being agile and customer-centric, we invite customers into the process to quickly identify quick wins through-out the project cycle to test and gain feedback rapidly for better and early success.

Why Doodle’s Approach
  • Tried and tested with leading and emerging brands across industries, delivered by experienced and certified design thinking practitioners.
  • Easy, nimble ways of doing research to fasten the process and identify quick-wins for immediate actions.
  • “Make-test-learn” to gain early, instant and continuous feedback for early success.
  • Logically and well-thought through decision making and idea selection process
Clients & Testimonials
Doodle Design was amazing to work with! They mobilized a team (at the last minute) to help design and carry out a product research plan to test five different product prototypes to determine what breakfast product Dutch Lady should invest in.
Jameel Somji
SpiNovation Labs Founder
1On1 English collaborated with Doodle to identify the problems we were solving. By running extensive user research, we have been able to iterate and improve our product and optimize our positioning
Cedric Le Quellec
Founder & CEO, 1On1 English.
We were truly inspired by Doodle and their people who led the customer experience project with passion, courage and creativity.
Ha Vu
Project Lead, Pizza Hut