General Accountant

This role is responsible for planning and executing finance, accountancy, labor and legal activities to meet the business’ performance requirements as well as external compliance.   People with experience in the service industry and agency are comfortable with team/collaboration activities are a great plus. 

Why should you apply?

A chance to grow and make an impact with a fast-growing, dynamic company that specializes in solving problems strategically and creatively using Design Thinking.

Become a partner-in-crime with some of the most creative, strategic and experienced minds in the industry, working on solving a broad range of client category challenges.

Competitive salary and benefits. Hybrid working environment.

Monthly / Quarterly General Ledger 

  • Handle accountancy records in the accounting system in both Vietnamese and English.
  • Prepare monthly Vietnamese Accounting Standards accounting reports including Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and the necessary reports.
  • Prepare monthly / quarterly tax payment and declarations.
  • Support with people development budgeting, labor relations, tax compliance, salary process
  • Handle up to date, real time business performance record 
  • Learn and advise any changes relating to finance, labor, tax. 

Year-end Financial Reporting

  • Prepare annual financial statements in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards and the necessary report for tax lodgement and audit purposes.
  • Plan, forecast, and prepare new year business records, templates, and procedures.

General Office Support

  • Assure proper maintenance of all supporting documents and paperworks for auditing and reviewing purposes at all times.
  • Provide support for clients’ contracts, invoices, and any client-related paperwork 
  • Support working with external suppliers for project delivery in relation to paper work, quotation, contracts, and production of materials as required. 
  • Support with workshopping logistics, and preparation (offline/digitally)
  • Join in team collaboration projects from time to time

What are we looking for?


  • Curious, purpose-driven, and ambitious.
  • Highly collaborative.  
  • Enjoy the ‘design process’ and able to adapt to changes, agile and iterative ways of working.


At least 3 years working experience. Willing to travel. Flexible with work hours.

Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English.

Please feel free to share your CV at We look forward to meeting and doodling with you!

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