Reimagining Healthcare: Design to Change Lives

Mekong Capital, YCP Solidiance, and Doodle Design have something in common. A shared purpose to make an impact on healthcare across Vietnam using their expertise and most importantly their empathetic mindset for the people who are in need of better access to quality healthcare in Vietnam.  

This was why they came together in 2021  to engage the healthcare industry’s top leaders to put Patient-Centered, Design Thinking to full use and to reimagine healthcare in Vietnam. We asked ourselves the question: “How might we improve access to quality healthcare in Vietnam?”

After various Design Thinking workshops, co-creation sessions in-person and remote-time to prioritize the most valuable contributions from the industry’s top minds in Vietnam, we released our Design-led Healthcare White Paper.  

Why is this Healthcare White Paper important and different?

It presents important findings of Vietnam’s common healthcare problems towards Hypertension, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, and Infant Vaccinations and industry leaders views on problems and potential solutions moving forward.

It curates re-imagined ideas from 40+ healthcare professionals from government, semi-private to private sectors. It is 100% patient-centric and design-led. 

The outcomes of this white paper are the result of a raw and authentic Design Thinking process starting from Empathy to Ideate to Reimagine. 4 Personas. Hundreds of post-its, 432 ideas sparked. 9 Big ideas prioritized. 

Last but not least, it starts from a powerful heartfelt story and personal initiative. The experience Hawkins Pham and his family encountered with their daughter’s heart issue brought about a passion to change lives and grant wider access to Vietnam’s healthcare for ALL. 

This white paper is just the beginning. When there is empathy, there is continued impact.

“Download the Reimagining Healthcare in Vietnam White Paper here”

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Download Reimagining Healthcare in Vietnam Whitepaper.